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I feel like I should be trying to keep informed, maybe read some more about what is going on in Turkey*, or the other places I've seen snippets about (Philippines, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, or there's always Syria...), or I could check out the recent SCOTUS ruling, or, or... yeah, F it...

I'm going to go to Baskin & Robbins to get some MCC, play some Overwatch, and then either go to bed, or if I'm feeling motivated, head out for a run.

Any potential motivation I find will not cover trying to read the news as I might be exposed to whatever the current stupidness is by Trump or other drama du jour. I'll be a good citizen tomorrow... or maybe this weekend.

(Yoinked from my FB in an effort to kickstart actually posting here again)

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Adulting is had

6 weeks into being steotypicalish adults again (D_fyre and I both started new jobs the same day in Oct), and seems to be going  .... reasonably.

This last week has been particualrly good.
Managed to, knock on wood (*KNOCK*) not give Pink Eye to my son (thankfully almost run it's course, maybe tomorrow finally?), or anyone else, and yet still be productive and mostly not miserable.
I did successfully make my dads computer go again (cloning his old drive didn't work due to ad sectors, but making and writing an image did), at least for now.
Got one car into shop, and back again.
Picked dad up on his return on his week of playing bridge and returned his car (which was I driving while mine was in shop).
Getting morning routine timing down so I cans till deliver goatmuse to daycare sometimes AND avoid can the hairy eyeball for walking in 5 minutes late (not that my boss personally cares, she cares because the other people (read contractors) in the office might... or something, bah office perceptions/politics).
Have not yet disabused boss that she is indeed the goose that got the golden egg (i.e. me, she said this to me twice, once in front of her boss).
Small birthday party for goatmuse over the weekend was a success.  Cleaned all many of the things.
Made it out to run 3 times in the last 10-12 days, which is 50, probably 60% of the times I've run in the last 6.

Things need to do that keep getting put off -
Now that we have big namebrand insurance again, need to make some appointments... chiro, maybe a pediatrist...  probably time to get semi annual bloodwork done again (as it's been three years).
Stop drinking soda.
Find some other health outlets other than running.
Read more nonfiction?
Figure out what I want to do when I grow up :)

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It doesn't always have to be someone else's problem...

  So a deadfall was blocking 1/2 the incoming lane of the road we use to get into our development on most days.  I stopped because it looked like I might be able to shift it, or could at least assess how easy it would be to clear a little bit so it wasn't a road hazard* were I to come back with tools...  And it turned out to be entirely rotten and almost weightless.  Threw the whole thing back into the woods with minimal effort.  Funny how none of the other 6 people I saw go around it (and likely dozens of others who did before I ever saw it)  even thought to try... Collapse )
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I guess I'll keep you...

Are children a huge emotional/financial/temporal/etc/etc. black whole, certainly, but I wouldn’t give him back even if I could get all the stress/money/time back. Are some days/nights/whatever trying and long, yes (ex., but so many things make it worth it. From the simple little things they do that just make you smile, like having him declare “Whoa, that’s a big conveyor belt” as we drive by a quarry, or when he says “Of course you can”, or “That would be great” in response to a question, to the moments that just about break your heart, like the way he seeks comfort when he wakes up from a bad dream, or approval when he accomplishes something. I can’t help but look forward to the challenges he brings and only hope/will try to ensure that I continue to feel this way and excel at being a parent and providing him with the tools to be successful and happy.

I try to be thankful that I can feel this way.  Both because it’s in my nature to and because I have the opportunity/resources to do so.  Too many parents don’t want to be, or even if they do, they can’t enjoy it because of a lack of time, money, support network, perspective, - the list is endless.  Do I know why the lady at the childrens play area we were at today only looked up from her book once to see what was going on in the at least 30 min we were both there, no, I don’t.  I do think it’s odd she’s not more interested in what her child is doing, isn’t encouraging her to try new things, taking joy in her activities, etc.  Yes, her child was significantly older than my son and thus far more self sufficient, and maybe mom just really needed a break.  However, while I really try not to judge, when her daughter casually drops the fact that she doesn’t like coming here with her mom because she ends up playing alone, I have to guess this isn’t unusual, which makes me sad for both of them.
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All I got was this stupid t-shirt...

Well, actually all I got for my trouble was a scratchy throat that likely heralds an imminent cold, but I thought I'd been making a good play for deserving a t-shirt I have that says ‘Coolest Dad Ever’ (was given to me). Even though goatmuse had been swimming the day before, I took him to the pool at my father’s condo as he wanted more pool, but the thunder that we’d managed to hide from Sat. found us, and they closed the outdoor pool. That’s ok, I was prepared for that eventuality, they have an indoor pool… which was also closed… WTF?!? So with near infinite patience and creativity I managed to keep the napless wonder from a complete meltdown for 90 min hoping the pools would reopen before giving up and heading home. As goatmuse was still on the verge of collapse over the disappointment and it looked like it might be just he and I for dinner, we made a (relatively) rare stop at McDonalds for dinner so he could drown his disappointment in chicken nuggets They had balloons on the chairs, so I managed to get out there w/o getting a toy with the happy meal. He totally passed out on the way home, and I thought I could claim to have snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat. However, I should have known better. Never trust an engagement to end when it is convenient for you. The supposed victory turned out to be only the first battle of what would become an all night holding action. The second was when he woke up and cried about “I never got to go to the pool” for awhile, the third when he woke up again and wanted his white water cup (which I eventually figured out was the McDonalds water cup that we’d already thrown away), and the third was when he complained about not feeling well (likely from all the excess mucus he was generating, some of which likely ended up in his stomach). After I got him back down that last time and realized it was only an hour or two till people would be getting up, I reflected on the fact that sometimes, it’s just surviving till dawn that is the real victory…
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Random joys of parenthood

Ok, must share. Yesterday I was watching some ridiculous awesome anime that Netflix had thrown at me when Ciaran got up from his nap. Likely it was wildly inappropriate for a 3yr old, but he wanted to watch and before I thought better of it, he climbed up in my lap. If you start watching at 9:30 on this youtube clip of it, you'll see a climactic battle scene (~1min). When he saw the monster messily dramatically vanquished, his response was a boisterous 'Cool!', and then he started babbling about the castle fight, and destruction, and something, but I didn't catch it because I was too busy laughing.

Yeah, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. smile emoticon*

*I find it intersting that when I cut and paste this from FB, it interpolated the emoticon.  I roughly understand how it's done, it's just fascinating to me that cut and paste has become so ubiquitious that sites imbed the functionality for things like that.

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Long ago in days of yore, it all began with a god named Thor - or - Why I don't post more

   So, somewhere there is a proto post floating around about why I should take the time to write more often, and maybe (though unlikely) I'll find it* and flesh out the thoughts in it about why it would be valuable for me to do, but that's not this post.  This is about why I rarely even get to the point where I'm trying to put words on paper the screen.  The ideas bubble up in a relatively constant stream**, often seeming to want to be developed and/or shared, but when it comes time to actually sit down and hammer out a refined product from the stack of stock my mind has strewn across the smithy floor, I find the bars are all different sizes and composition; many even bent or of irregular shape***.  In looking at them, I find it is all too easy to shy away from the effort of trying to create order out of such chaos, and end up letting myself be distracted by trivialities and rabbitholes.   The most recent excursion to Wonderland, Jonathon Coulton songs on youtube****, is the inspriation for the title of this post (specifically the one about Ikea - with lyrics done in Kynetic Typograthy*****).  And if it's not the random distractions that are now so accessible thanks to the interwebs (wikipeida, youtube, current events/news, etc.), then there are always books and games to be read and played.  Considering the the ones I like, the title of the post is still often appropriate.

 And in a feat of monumental will, or maybe it's just weariness, I will wrap this up here and save all the other contemplative meanderings on the nature of thought, organziation, and a thousand other things for another post or three, any or all of which may or may not ever happen...  g'night.

*it's lost somewhere in my email that a quick search couldn't find (I was going to incorporate it into this one, but I realized the longer I spent searching for it, the less likely it became that a of any sort at all was going to get done).  It was/is an experiment in trying to use voice to text on my phone as a way to enable actually getting some posting/writing done...  as evinced by the continuing death of posts/writing, still very much a work in progress.

**I can't help but wonder when the scuba diver exploring the nebulous depths of my mind is going to run out of air and the stream of bubbles will stop...

***I visualize a blacksmith holding a tesseracting length of twisted steel bar and going WTF do I do with this?

****Thanks reedrover, I blame you for this one, I got there from your 1st of May link.  There were also two versions of his one on US Presidents, and although the same song, they felt very different due to wildly different visuals

***** OMG, why must I google EVERYTHING - 34 must-see examples of Kinteic Typography - No, number 6 isn't relevant here... not at all
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I'm really ok not having TV

Megan and I were talking and a current TV show was mentioned and she and I both knew basically nothing about it, and the observation was made that it wasn't that we didn't like or dislike the show, but that we hadn't watched it as "since we don't have a TV*, you have to make a commitment to watching a show".  You have to go find it (on whatever medium you're choosing to use) and it actually takes a little work.  You have to make a proactive decision about what you specifically want to watch instead of having something that is on (or gets turned on) and just spews content into your space...  and that just really struck me as a reaffirmation of why we don't have cable/satellite/etc.  Even if I weren't ridiculously vlunerable to the shiny box**, the bottom line is there are plenty of other distractions out there, and another way to kill time isn't exactly what is needed by anyone in the household, so why spend time and/or money on it.  Yes I'd like to get a TV sometime soon that has an HDMI port on those occasions we do want to put something up on a bigger screen it's easy...  but yeah, I just have no interest in paying for cable/satellite/etc., or even in hooking up the TV to an antenna.

*We actually do have a reasonable sized TV, it's in the basement, and it does work.  Actually, thanks to my brother wanting to use it, it's even it hooked up and gets several dozen stations.

**It's been kind of a running joke for as long as anyone can remember, if there is a TV on, I will watch it.  I have literally stopped to watch a TV after walking into a room to do something and just stood there watching it for minutes before I realize I was going somewhere/dong something.
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Short runs are good too...

  I've been only running the longer loop recently, and I really wanted to get in three runs this week, but didn't want to put the third one off till the last day (tomorrow) in case I didn't find/make the time, so I felt I should run today since I did have the time.  It was almost 40... so great running weather... really... but I couldn't convince myself that I wanted to go for a run where it's duration in minutes would exceed the temperature in degrees...  so, I finally just run out and did the short run to the rec center and back.  Pleasantly surprised by my time (just over 16 secs ahead of my goal), which firmly put me 30 secs/mile faster than the pace for my long runs, which made me feel good about the run despite it's duration.  Of course we'll ignore the fact that I have a good friend that is running that distance 10% faster than my time today... but it's good to have goals I guess.  On the bright side, this is probably the first time I've run 3 times and/or 15 miles in a week since before the marathon last year.

  I came in from the run panting and Ciaran asked 'What is wrong daddy'  Me:  'I went for a run.  I ran very fast, so it was hard.  I'm tired.'  Ciaran:  'Maybe you should slow down a little bit'
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Errands w/o a 'helper' and soda failure(s)

I offered to run out to pick up a couple things from the store darkfyre_muse needed and since the goatmuse was asleep, I went out alone.  It felt kind of odd, I didn't visit every isle of the store, have to answer a never ending stream of questions, and strangers didn't smile at me and laugh; it was quick and easy.  Obviously been a long time since I've gone grocery shopping w/o the podling.

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